Lukáš Scholz | graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology and deals with creating of architectural and product renderings (visualizations) for architectural, development and advertising agency. He has worked on projects for architects from USA, Australia, China, Japan and almost all European countries

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C.F. Møller (SWE)
SeArch (NL) | Architectural competition Apartment building in Amsterdam – 1st prize
Giubinni Architekten (CH) | Architectural competition Train station in Ilanz – 1st prize
Tomas Vymetalek Architects (CZE) | Architectural competition Footbal stadium in Hradec Kralove – 1st Prize
Itten+Brechbühl (GER)
Juri Troy Architects (AUT)
Studio Puisto (FIN)
Dorte Mandrup (DEN)
Merz Kley Partner (AUT)
Kanozi Arkitekter (SWE)